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I’m finally getting to watch the season 7 finale of Dexter since I was busy this past weekend and eeffomgwtfidkfsagdklagaj. I am freaking out. These writers are killing me. -__-

Is it wrong to root for “the bad guy”? :O Oh well.

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A kind of memorial gif of all the names and ages of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. They speak for themselves.
It’s sad day when such violent acts get thrown into the face of society only to show how cruel and senseless people can be. My heart goes out to the victims and their families of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. No one should ever be killed by the hands of another. It’s terrible that such young lives were taken today, that they will never see a full happy life, they didn’t even have a chance. I praise the teachers who sacrifcied themselves in order save students. I can only hope the victims and their family gain some sort of retribution and answers for their tragedy. R.I.P

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A problem…

If people don’t see a need to change, then there won’t be. And the majority of people don’t see a need for any change to this society. At least, not enough to the point where they feel they should put forth the effort to evoke changes. It’s something people talk about, how society is so awful and things are getting worse, yet no one acts on it. I wonder why that is….no time? No money? Lack of assurance/support?

We can speak about the issues all day long, but one person can’t do it by themselves. Though it begins with an individual, it will take dedicated groups of people. There are over 310 million people in this country….so where should one even begin with attempting to address this culture/society? It’s a very debatable subject for many; people tend to point out either, since the majority of people see no need for change, why should there be change? What is wrong with the current system and/or society? or that simply, this is life, and we must adjust the best way we can. Complex subject.

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I understand that…

I understand that our second amendment states “the right to bear arms”, but as someone pointed out, 

"When the American founding fathers enshrined the right to bear arms, firearms took 30 seconds to one minute to reload a single shot. Today, semi-automatic pistols fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. Aren’t laws meant to be updated to reflect modern realities? There will always be sick people, but sick people getting their hands on glocks and sig sauers shouldn’t be allowed to happen…." and when someone explained that our amendment was created to protect us from the tyranny of the government, 

"Guess they didn’t factor in the tyranny we perpetrate on each other." 

I feel like this country is like an Oprah show in regards to gun access. “And you’re getting a gun! And you’re getting a gun! And you’re getting a gun!” Eh, I digress. But this really is a deeper issue than simply gun control. Gun control won’t fix all the problems in this country. 

Seems that things like this will keep happening; people say they care,yet don’t want to do anything about it. They say that they “can’t” do anything about it, and it’s just life (when we CAN).  

Maybe they’ll learn after the next mass-shooting. Or the mass-shooting after that. Or the mass-shooting after that. Maybe after 10 or so more mass-shootings, people will finally want to make some changes. 

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Imagine these parents…

Imagine these parents getting their children ready for school in the morning. Waking them up, making them breakfast, dropping them off at school, and telling them to have a great day and that they love them…Something they do everyday. It’s normal. Usually, a parent’s main fear is that their child won’t get good grades or will be bullied by other kids….but never that a gunman is going to walk into the school and murder their child. 

God, I’m crying. This breaks my heart. How can a human-being do something like this? 

These are children, people. Children. This world is insane…but since laws aren’t going change in the U.S. since people are so concerned about their guns, guess there will just be more parents who will home-school their children in upcoming years.

My heart goes out to the parents…the families…losing their child only a few days before Christmas (and they probably already bought presents), and weeks before New Years…..now every holiday season will be a reminder of their murdered child. I hope that they are able to find peace one day; I can’t even imagine what they are going through.

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she’s gorgeousss UGH

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